By Donnavan Finlay, Co-Founder of Guyding Principals.

“If you treat a first date like an interview, it will feel like one. Just be yourself and let your personality shine”.

Going on a first date can be daunting for anyone. The pressure we put on ourselves can make us so nervous that it causes us to mess up an opportunity to have a great time with a potential partner. This post is here to assist you with the planned evening and show you there is no real reason for concern.

Do your homework.

Think back to prior conversations. Did the person mention any food they prefer? Did the person mention any foods they dislike? Once you have figured that out you can make the reservation. When choosing the restaurant, do research. What is the place famous for? Does the place turn into a club later on? Get all the facts before to take pressure off the rest of the date night. Once you know what to expect the night will go better.

When choosing the restaurant make sure the place is not pricey. Fancy places can cause some uncomfortable moments. She may feel under dressed. Fancy places will not impress her. A fun and comfortable evening will surely increase your chances of a second date.

Have a back up plan in case something changes or she does not like the place.

Be a gentleman.

Opening the door and pulling out the chair goes a long way. Women like to be treated with respect. If she insists on opening the door herself, let her. Pay attention to her experience. Maybe she does not like her drink. Ask her so you can order something else for her. If she is not enjoying something served she will not enjoy the night and it will affect the whole experience.

Make a good impression.

Dress well, the first impression will be a lasting one. Shorts and flip-flops will not cut it. Also an old favorite band t-shirt will not give the correct impression.

Be on time, arriving a bit earlier will even be better to make sure you have a good table. Also it will give you some time to take in the surroundings and chill out a bit.

Be attentive to her conversation but don’t forget she is focused on you as well. Be nice to the staff. Tip well. Make friends with the staff. From experience making friends with the staff leads to better service and will surely turn an average meal into a great one.  

Taking the lead.

Avoid wasting time trying to figure out who is paying. Get the check and pay. Then you can get out of there and go for a drink somewhere else or just have a walk. If the menu is confusing her offer to order a couple of things so you can share. Take charge of the situation. Avoid acting like a control freak, just make a decision and go with it.

Important thing to remember is that there is no reason to worry so much. Worse case after the date you go home alone, the same way you arrived. Not the end if the world.

Added tips.

Show up with a small gesture. Maybe a single flower.

Be polite.

Show interest in her. Be curios.

Have a back-up plan.

Tell us about your worst date experience.  Don’t worry we won’t judge.


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