“Dress how you want to be addressed”

Have you ever gone shopping for a suit and realised you had no idea how many different options there are out there?  Here is a comprehensive guide to finding that perfect suit for you.

  1. Fitting a suit. Do yourself a huge favor and go for a proper fitting. The sizes of suits are different from normal clothing. You need to be familiar with this sizing so it will make purchases online or in store easier. That is if you do not go for a tailor made suit. Tailor made suits are actually not expensive if you shop around a bit. Even if the suit may be a few bucks more than the store bought, it will be worth it. Nothing looks better on a man like a proper fitted suit.
  2. The hem of the trousers should fall just over the top of the shoe. No baggy pants here. The trousers need to fit all the way from the waist in correct proportion with your body type.
  3. Single breasted single button suits should always be buttoned up.
  4. Single breasted two-button suit. Top button should be buttoned up. Bottom button should be unbuttoned.
  5. Single breasted three-button suit. Top button is optional. Middle button should be buttoned up. Bottom button should be undone.
  6. The length of the sleeve on the jacket should be so that the shirt sleeve is exposed about half an inch.
  7. The shirt is pretty easy to fit so we will not dwell on that too much. Just ensure it is not too big and that the top button is always buttoned up.
  8. There are some rules to the tie. First is the length of the tie. It should only be till the top of your belt. That applies to the waistcoat as well.
  9. The width of the tie should always match the width of the suit’s lapel.
  10. The color of the tie should overpower the color of the shirt you are wearing.
  11. When it comes to pocket squares I would advise to make it different from the tie. It will make it stand out. And standing out is the idea.


Since all my suits are custom I can recommend a tailor in NY. You can check out Alan David Custom Tailors. (212) 227-4040. The service is great and the quality of the suit is exceptional.

If you do have a suit that does not fit according to above guidelines, all is not lost. You can have alterations made. Check out Alterations NYC.  (212) 537-6975.

Another great resource for a tailored suit is www.blacklapel.com.  You can either measure yourself or make an appointment to see them and have them measure you.  Black Lapel will pair you up with one of their style consultants to help guide you through the entire experience.

There are actually many options in NY so shop around till you find the place you feel comfortable with. Since this process can be pricey, make sure you get your money’s worth.  

Tell us about any great deals you might know out there for great suits.


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