4 Steps to Landing the Perfect Job

By Sam Kapur, Co-Founder of Guyding Principals.

It is a common misconception that finding a job starts with your resume.  While in most instances you will need a resume in order to apply for a job, this is more just a formality for HR to have something on record.

Among the many different careers I’ve had, Executive Recruitment is one of them, and in my 8 years as a recruiter I have helped hundreds of candidates land their dream jobs.  Here is the best way to get that job you’ve always wanted.


  1. Before you can land your dream job you need to know what that is.

Too often people look for a job out of necessity and caught up in the “Grass is Greener” syndrome.  When this happens we look at all the reasons we should take a certain position and neglect to look to see what the downfalls of that careers are.  

Instead of getting caught in this trap, make a list of activities and aspects of a job that you enjoy and those that you don’t.  Break that list down to must haves and like to haves.  Now do some research on what jobs are out there that match your criteria.

Don’t rely on job postings to tell you what the position entails as these are seldom accurate depictions (take it from someone who created 2 to 3 new job postings every day).  Instead find someone who is in that position and ask if you can pick their brain about their job, people love talking about their lives and this is an excellent way to make your first connection in the industry you might want to get into.


  • What companies would be the best fit for you

Now that you know what job you want you need to figure out what companies offer the position that will be the best fit for you .  Only you can determine whether you would strive in a large corporate setting where you do more specialized tasks and have room to grow, or a small business setting where you will get to see a larger chunk of the overall business and have more involvement in different aspects of the operation.

It is also good to speak  to people who work in different size companies.  Make sure to not just ask them what they like about their company, but also what they don’t like.  

There are also websites out there like Glassdoor.com that allow employees to post their opinions about specific companies that they’ve worked for.  Just make sure to take those comments with a grain of salt because you might read a post from a disgruntled employee who is looking to vent.


  • Go straight to the Hiring Manager

This is arguably the most important part of landing your dream job and where most people drop the ball.  In today’s job market employers get hundreds, if not, thousands of applications for each position.  Don’t be just another resume weeded out from a keyword search.  

Instead, go directly to the person you will be working for.  Besides, who knows what they want in an employee better than the person who directly needs that employee.

Now that being said, there is an art to getting to the hiring manager.  The scope of which is beyond the limits of this article, but the gist of it is to think outside the box.  Be different than everyone else who is trying to get the job.   You need to be a bit of a detective with this and utilize all the resources you have online and offline.  

We will cover this in more depth in another article.


  • Send in your Resume

This step is really simple.  If you have done step 3 correctly, then the hiring manager will let you know who and when to turn your resume in.  Don’t worry too much on creating the perfect resume or spending money on a service to create your resume for you.  This is now just a formality.  Spend your time and energy now on making sure you are prepared for the interview(s).


What are some out of the box ways you can think of to get in direct contact with the hiring manager?


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