An AI god? Possible or Not.

Over the weekend I was reading an article by John Brandon about AI (Artificial Intelligence) and the idea that there is a possibility that a new religion may come from it. I have been following AI developments for some time now and the discussions around this can get pretty heated. This article took it a step further than the boundaries I imagined.

I think AI is still some time away from being as advanced as some predict. The concern I do have is that the possibility is so real that articles like this is popping up on a regular basis.

And what precautionary measures are in place to ensure things do not really get out of hand. This is opinion but one we have to take note of. There are some valid points in this article and can predict some people will bow to a AI god. People have bowed to even more controversial god’s.

Don’t get me wrong. I like tech and the developments made. Innovation is important for us to evolve, but with caution.

Please share your thoughts on this matter.

Link to the article is here.


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