Staying Motivated During Tough Times.

“I’m going to make the rest of my life, the rest of my life”

 By Donnavan Finlay, Co-Founder of Guyding Principals.

We all face tough times in our lives. I remember the days that I worked 80 hours a week and had nothing to show for it. Just working myself into an early grave.

Not having enough money to take my girlfriend out or even pay my bills was a real issue for me. If there is one thing that gets you in a negative space, its lack of money.

I have been in situations where I have feared I will lose everything. And that negative mindset drew even more negative actions towards me. And we all know you can’t live a positive life with a negative mind.

It was only at the brink of self-destruction that I made a conscious that I needed help. That was the time I had an epiphany on what I can actually do to change my life. And to my surprise it was easier than I thought.

We all go through this at some point. Some more often than others.

Listed here are some tips I feel has worked for me over the years. These are the ones that I stuck with and I can say that I now have more good days that bad days. And when I do have a bad day, I feel confident that I will be able to deal with whatever happens to me. I am motivated to live my life the way I wan’t to.

  • Read 

This is a trait that is easier said than done. Reading motivational material is the most popular tip given by industry leaders. You can however read all the inspirational material in the world and still feel negative. The common misconception is that reading motivational books is all you have to do to keep a positive vision.

The one thing that is missing is the one thing no book or other person can do for you. Implementing what you have read. This is the key. This is the difference between winning and learning (I stay away from the world failing. There is no failing. Only learning).

When you read any material,  highlight points you find noteworthy. Do this with any educational book. Make notes of lessons and ideas and how you impliment it into your life. Go back to your notes often so you can see progress. If you are a keen student to move to a successful life, I advise you to keep track of your progress. This has been a motivational tool for me. Seeing progress is a great boost on a tough day. Being able to see where you started and where you are at that moment can be just the boost you are looking for.

What material do I suggest you read? Here is a link to a previous post I did on this matter.

Another great source is

  • Find a Mentor. 

Having a real person you can talk with is also a key ingredient to keep you focused on the end goal.

Finding someone to mentor you can be tough. My suggestion is to attend networking events. This is the place that is primed for you to meet leaders and entrepreneurs that can help you on your quest. Here is a post I wrote about networking.

A mentor can guide you with some personal advise on your questions. Some people have limited time and can’t always meet up, but with our great advances in communication technologies, there are other ways. E-mail contact is great or if possible video chats are even better.

  • Keep Growing, Keep Learning. 

Attitude determines success. You have to have a “Growth Mindset” to be successful. You need to be motivated to keep going. Being an entrepreneur or a leader can be very challenging. I have been in situations where I just wanted to give up and get a 9-5. Then, I calm down, look at the problem and take my own advice. Mail a friend, read a motivational book or just try to view the problem from a different angle.

I am now in a good habit of making time to learn new things, all the time. I suggest you make time as well for added self-education.

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“The Good Life is one Inspired by Love and Guided by Knowledge” – Bertrand Russel

What do you do to keep you motivated?


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