Leading in the new world.

“Leadership is not a position or title, it is a action and example”

By Donnavan Finlay, Co-Founder of Guyding Principals.

I have been in management and leadership positions for the most part of my life. For the last couple of years I have been dealing with more multinational and millennial teams. A younger crowd opposed to the more mature teams I have had. I realized very quickly that my normal management style was not getting the results I was used to.


We have all dealt with people we tend to call millennial’s these days. I have heard many complaints about poor service delivery and many blame that on the millennial. When you do then complain, you are made out to be the one that needs an attitude adjustment.

Please watch this video on the millennial topic.

This has become a talking point at a recent event I attended. What can we do? I have seen people just walk out of establishments due to the “no care” attitude of the staff. I have done so myself. Then the owners wonder why business is down.


Other business owners find out that they have a service delivery concern. Lucky they picked it up. Then they claim they have run out of ideas on correcting it. When I ask what they did, they state that they have been doing a lot of training but it is not working. Well, of course not. The smallest thing distract people today. Well, that and everyone think they deserve to live a life-like that crazy family on the TV. Not the Osbourne’s. The other one. I think it is the Cardigans or Kardashians. Something like that. People just feel entitled.


Very few people understand that life owes us nothing and we are all responsible for our own successes and failures. Due to silly TV shows people just feel entitled to everything. I have seen parents purchase their kids new iPhones just because they want one. This is the wrong lesson to teach your kids.

I remember at one point while I was still at school I needed some new sports equipment. I asked my dad for it and his response to that was one of the best lessons in life I could have ever learned. He just said, “You are old enough to make your own money, have fun”. This was how I learned that it is up to me to get what I want.


As times have changed, so have effective leadership skills and management tactics. I have been working on adjusting my own skills and I have seen some great results. There is actually a way to lift employee spirits and get the business to function at the level it needs to. This is what I learned.

  1. Drop the suit.

This isn’t the 80’s and you are not Donald Trump. Except if you work in finance. The days where you are all suited up and managing your business from behind your desk on the top floor is gone. Long gone. You will only get more people to dislike you and make assumptions that you are an arrogant manager. Even if you are the kindest person there, people will not be able to see it from a distance.

  1. Know your product.

I have learned from experience that when I do the training my staff tends to listen more and take note. This should not be because they are scared of you. Rather that they respect you and see you part of the team.

You need to know what needs to be done and how to get it done. Whether it is a service delivery company or a retail or product driven enterprise.

  1. Be Present.

As mentioned before you cannot run the business from behind a desk. Understandably there will be times that you have to be office bound. But you need to do your best to be on the floor and around your team members as much as you can. This will build good rapport with your team and give you the perfect opportunity to keep an eye on the final product and ensure it is up to standard.

  1. Know your staff.

Whenever you meet your staff you need to remember their names. Your team will respect you for that. Some may say that they are bad with remembering names. This is no excuse. You need to get that sorted. There are books about that.

  1. Be an Example.

You need to lead from the front. You need to be an example to your co-workers. If you are lazy around the office they will be. If you are driven and focused, your staff will be. Remember you are always on parade as the employer or leader. Once you grasp that fact, you will be aware of what you do and how you lead.

From my experience I have learned a lot about managing people from different ages and nationalities. Try my tips and build your own ways to be effective in the workplace.

We cannot always control what happens to us, but ywe can control how we react to it.

What tips do you have for new leaders out there?





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