By Donnavan Finlay, Co-Founder of Guyding Principals.

“People may not always tell you how they feel about you, but they will always show you. Pay attention”

When I was younger I found myself clueless on this matter. I did get better with time and practice, but my younger cousin asked me for some advise about this recently. This made me realize that I was not the only one and some still struggle with it today. Do we really know when a girl is into you or not? Some people will not be able to tell even if the signs are clear to others.

Non-verbal communication is what we need to look for. Girls are shy as well and will seldom tell you straight up that they are interested in you. She may not say the words but her body language will tell the whole story.

Look out for the following hints to show you the way.

  • She Engages in the Conversation.

When she sticks around talking to you and engages in the conversation, it shows that she is interested in you. A better sign would be if she stays chatting to you after her friends have already left.

  • She Faces You.

When a girl faces you in the conversation it shows that she is interested. Other things to look for are open arms. Crossed arms is not a good sign. If she is turned away from you she is not that interested and possibly has something else on her mind.

  • She Laughs at What You Have to Say.

This is a great sign if she finds you funny. We all know humor is a great icebreaker. If you get to laugh together, you are making a great impression on her. Just don’t overdo it.

  • She Tells You that She is Single.

This indicates that she wants you to know that she is available. If she was not interested she will most likely not mention it or even lie and tell you that she is in a relationship.

  • She Smiles at You.

A girl who smiles at you likes you. It is that simple. If she is shy, she might just smiled momentarily, but she will smile at you.

  • Her Friends will Drop Clues if She Likes You.

She will surely tell her friends if she likes you so note their actions as well. Are they friendly towards you? Does it seem like he friends are teasing her? Have nay of her friends hinted with a question if you may like her?

  • She Compliments You.

When you see her she might give you compliments on being well dressed or other physical appearance.

  • She Hugs You.

This proves that she has no concerns with physically engaging with you. She may be a bit shy to tell you in words that she likes you but a hug may be her way of telling you.

  • She Gets a Bit Jealous.

If she shows that she gets a bit annoyed when you talk to other girls it shows that she is interested. No one likes competition. Just note that you should not play with her feelings. No decent self-respecting girl likes a player. If she goes all hardcore jealous I suggest you move with caution.


Some people find it tough to express how they feel, but the body language will always tell the truth. Take note of her non-verbal communication and you will get the message.


Once she has given you the signals you should return the favor. Return the smile and return the compliments. This will put her at ease and both of you can relax knowing you like one another.


If you have more questions please feel free to contact us.


Good luck out there!






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